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Re∑li∑able (ri-lïə-bəl)

Authentic, consistent, dependable. Applies to information that can be depended upon with confident certainty. Reliable suggests consistent dependability of judgment, character, performance and results. Trustworthy and accurate reports.

Long-Term Care (LTC)

Long-Term Care services help meet the needs of people whose activities of daily living (ADLs) have been limited by long periods of chronic physical or mental disorders.

  • States have regulations requiring a third party physician review of benefit denials
  • Focus is on ADLs and Cognitive Functioning
  • RRS provides clinical oversight in the LTC approval process
  • Timely reporting
  • Quality assurance by nurses with over 10 years LTC experience
  • RRS matches specialty reviewers to the insuredís condition
    • Pain Management & Rehab/Occupational Medicine to evaluate ADLs and functional abilities
    • Psychiatry, Psychology and Neurology for cognitive impairment

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