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Re·li·able (ri-lïə-bəl)

Authentic, consistent, dependable. Applies to information that can be depended upon with confident certainty. Reliable suggests consistent dependability of judgment, character, performance and results. Trustworthy and accurate reports.

ERISA Appeals

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 governs the majority of group employer STD, LTD, life and health insurance policies and self-funded plans.

In 2000, the Department of Labor set new standards for processing benefit claims under ERISA: tightened turnaround times, additional level of appeal, must be in accordance with governing plan documents, plan provisions must be applied consistently, and in an appeal, may not afford deference to the initial denial.

External independent review helps you to provide the claimant with a full and fair review that is impartial and promotes consistency and fairness.

RRS uses the best quality assurance process, professional clinical resources and highest standards of best practice.

RRS offers external peer review specifically for the disabled employee. Everyone is treated with respect and the realization of meeting their true potential.

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